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Alistair Smith | Sound Healing | Vocal Tai Chi | London


Sound vibrates the body, moves the emotions, inspires the mind and touches the spirit. It is deeply relaxing, meditative and transformative.

With sound we can look after our inner world, aid our physical healing and health and balance our energetic system.

The properties of sound effect us on all levels; clearing, shifting and promoting harmony, balance and alignment. After a brief consultation, I will create a treatment tailor-made to your unique needs.

Sound healing can help with stress, tension, anxiety, depression, grief, motivation, concentration, sleep, life purpose, creativity, meditation and spiritual growth. 
I have also worked with people suffering from chronic illness to support their treatment and recovery, and run sessions with several cancer support groups and the NHS.

I use tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, voice, harp, and pure therapeutic frequencies and harmonics. I also run soundbaths, workshops and retreats.

I qualified with the College of Sound Healing in 2014 and as a tutor for the College in 2017. I have attended courses with leading figures in the field of sound healing including: Fabian Maman, Jill Purce, Simon Heather, Jenni Roditi, Nikki Slade and Eileen Day McKusick. I am privileged to be one of the first trained Vocal Tai Chi practitioners. I also have over 5 years experience of care work in hospitals, nursing homes and a hospice and have attended a course in trauma awareness. I have been a musician for more than 25 years, am a published composer, teacher and writer. I studied music at Goldsmiths University where I graduated with first class honours in 2007, winning the Barnard and Hails prize for music.

I gained my Masters in composition at Goldsmiths in 2009.

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Sound Healing


Treatments are tailor-made to you, depending on why you have come and what is needed for you at that time. We will have a chat when you arrive and will set a clear intention for the session.

I will make sure you are completely comfortable and lead you through a short guided relaxation before the sound begins.

I use theory and methods learned from The College of Sound Healing as a foundation for my sessions.
I practice from my home in Crouch End, North London.
I am fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services and am a member of The College of Sound Healing.

Sound Healing - £70

Sessions last 1 hour
What happens in a treatment?

Sound may be used to scan over and around your body to pick up areas of imbalance, dissonance or restriction. Various sounds can be used to activate, unbind and shift these areas. Harmonic sounds will then be used to balance, harmonise and align. With a heartfelt loving intention and deep Earth connection I will tailor-make a treatment just for you, in honour and communion with your highest self.
Voice is used intuitively with certain pitches, vowels or harmonics. Wind, Sun and Symphonic gongs, as well as singing bowls may be used throughout the session. Tuning fork protocols are chosen focussing on particular qualities and properties.
Sometimes, with your approval, frequencies are applied directly to the body.
After the sound there will be a short period of silence for you to integrate the sound, followed by grounding. This involves the use of low sounds played or sung whilst I hold your feet.

At the end of the session we will have another chat about your experiences during the treatment. I will make sure you feel clear and grounded before you leave.

Vocal Tai Chi

1:1 Sessions
Group sessions TBA

In each session we begin by connecting to ground and finding centre. I will guide you through using the breath and body to create a body-breath flow. From this we will begin to engage and open the voice, all the while listening and feeling into what emerges, what arises within the sound, mind, emotions and body. This may initiate a point of departure, or open into a field of exploration and enquiry.
What we are looking for in Vocal Tai Chi and in life is not 'a good performance' but rather something much more powerful: authentic expression of who and where you are in that moment, wobbles, croaks and all.

Imagine being given the opportunity to express and share anything, in ways that are not constrained by words, convention or conditioning. Imagine this being welcome, received and honoured with unconditional positive regard.

Vocal Tai Chi - £70
Sessions last between 1 to 1.5 hours
What is Vocal Tai Chi?

Vocal Tai Chi was developed by vocal improvisor and composer Jenni Roditi. It is described as a "voice life practice for the whole self" and as "moving the voice between Heaven and Earth". It is a way of exploring the self through one's relationship with the voice, engaging the body, breath and energy in a process of exploration and enquiry. It is routed in the basic principals of Tai Chi but its scope is vast and highly individual. In this way there are no forms - it is a "formless form" or rather, the form unfolds from the participants process in the moment. This makes it highly creative and spontaneous with an immediacy and potency that has profound and far reaching effects.

The nature of the vocal expression spans the range of all possible human expressive sounds, including singing, but tends to side-step speaking in favour of all other possibilities. It also welcomes and honours those aspects of the voice that
normal singing would avoid or try and smooth over, such as weak areas, wobbles and "the break". These may actually become portals to new areas of the voice and self that may be waiting to be discovered, explored, expressed, released, witnessed etc. All of this begins from and unfolds around a strong and grounded centre, guided by the practitioner within a container of safety and support.
I have never felt more nurtured in any other therapy session than when working with Alistair. Top class healing given by a man who genuinely loves his work and cares for his clients.

Will - London

My second treatment, using his own unique methods and an ensemble of instruments, worked wonders in re-aligning my energies so that I could work to my optimum potential

Yemi - London

Alistair, with a heart of gold, will elevate your being to a higher level of knowing, health and wellbeing. He uses his amazing sound coherence technique with the intelligence of his composing to orchestrate a unique healing experience dedicated to your highest good. 

Helen - Hertfordshire

The experience of the sound was extraordinary. 
I felt the changes occurring a couple of days after each session. He was very open and friendly, enabling me not to resist the process and allow the sound to work.

Phil - London

I felt like all dissonance had gone, physically, mentally and spiritually, and that harmony had been restored.

The Sound Healing is not only very effective, it is also an enjoyable and invigorating experience. Highly recommended!

Andy - London

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Alistair is a lovely guy with a lovely gentle energy  and manner that immediately makes you feel totally at ease. You also feel you are in the hands of a  very competent professional. I found each session very nurturing and felt a profound enhancement in my personal awareness and my being which 'resonates'  in my life

Tom - London

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