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This is a relaxing soundscape of singing bowls to sooth, calm and balance. Use headphones to hear all the beneficial frequencies. 


Find a quiet place to sit or lie down, put your headphones on and just sink into the sound. Make sure you are grounded and fully present before returning to normal activities.

Journey into the Heart! This music is made with a healing intention.


Use headphones to experience the benefit of the binaural pure harmonic ratios. Let the shifting harmony and healing harp move your emotions, inspire and guide you into your heart.

A gentle and relaxing 30 minute sound bath, recorded at dawn in late November. You might hear some birds waking up in the background.

I use some of my favourite bowls and my smaller symphonic gong.

Use headphones to hear the low frequencies.

Find a nice warm place to lie down where you won't be disturbed and just allow yourself to become absorbed in the sound. All sounds are made with a healing intention for your highest good. Make sure you are fully grounded and present before you return to normal activities.


I hope you enjoy your journey!

This is a powerful sound meditation! Take some time to rest afterwards and make sure you are grounded and present before continuing your day. Please wear headphones or use good speakers.


We begin with the superimposed sounds of wind gong, ocean and waterfall. Imagine these sounds rushing through you - through all your cells, organs, bodily systems and bones; through your mind and through all your feelings. Let them cleanse and clear you throughout.

From this emerges a sound field of pure harmonic ratios - an experience of true and perfect harmony - of perfect structure and proportion. Allow yourself to become absorbed in the sound field and to become aligned with this perfection. The meditation finishes with the simple sound of rain to help ground you.

Float away with the sounds of water Koshi chimes, singing bowls and a gentle flowing stream.

Relaxing, soothing and meditative!

Let all your worries wash away.

Let the sound of the monochord cascade through you, releasing and cleansing every part of you. Swells of pure harmonic chords will bring comfort, balance and harmony as you move towards greater coherence of heart, mind, body and energy.


This sound healing meditation contains the Earth frequency, 136.1Hz and many of its overtones. Listen with headphones or good speakers for maximum effect and make sure you are grounded and fully present before returning to normal activities.

There are 20 seconds for you to settle before the breathing track begins.

Follow the ascending harp for the inhale (count of 6) and the descending piano for the exhale (count of 6).

The breathing rate is close to 5.5 breaths per minute.

This track includes a binaural perfect 5th musical interval, comprising the frequency ratio 2:3 which helps to balance the nervous system.

Both the pitch and pulse of this track have been calculated from the frequency of 1 Earth year. This frequency is very grounding and soothing and will enhance the effect on the nervous system.

Find a place to relax, put on your headphones and let yourself be transported to the Earth's highest mountains. The air is crisp and clear, and everything remains untouched by the activity and concerns of modern life. Here, the world is ancient! Mysticism and magic still have presence and great power!


The paintings are by Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) a Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist and philosopher. He could feel and see the mysticism of these high places.

HEADPHONES ESSENTIAL - this track contains low frequencies that a phone, tablet or laptop won't produce so please wear headphones or use good speakers to feel the benefit of the sound.


20 minutes of deep gentle Earth gong recorded at dawn in August 2021. Dawn chorus birdsong recorded by Peter Smith. Listen out for my cat Lily, purring at the beginning. A cat's purr has healing qualities too!