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A short 'tune up' and relaxation. Listen with headphones or good speakers.


Find a quiet place to sit or lie down, take a few moments to settle and become aware of the natural flow of your breath. When you are settled, press play and close your eyes. Make sure you are grounded and fully present before returning to normal activities.

This track uses sound healing instruments that are harmonically and structurally related the frequency of 1 earth year - 136.1Hz, sometimes called the Om frequency.

Listen to the superimposed sounds of ocean, waterfall and rain. Imagine them rushing and cascading through your entire being - through every cell and space, through all your thoughts and feelings. Let the sound cleanse everything! Then settle into the harmonious and balancing sounds of bowls and gong.

All sounds are tuned to the Earth! 136.1Hz is the 32nd octave of the frequency of 1 orbit of the Earth around the sun, that is, 1 Earth year.

Listen with headphones or good speakers

Listen with headphones or good speakers!

This sound meditation contains overtones of the frequency of 1 earth year, or 1 orbit of the earth around the sun. Sometimes called the Om frequency, it is very grounding and healing.

Rest into the sound of the monochord, tuned to the earth, creating natural overtones or harmonics. The monochord gradually subsides to reveal a descending, turning pattern of deep resonant earth overtones. Light summer rain ends the track to help you feel grounded and present before returning to wakefulness.