The recording is best listened to with headphones. Lie down or sit comfortably in a quiet place. Focus on your breath for a minute or so, allowing your body to settle, then press play and close your eyes. If your mind wanders, just gently bring it back to the sound. 

At the end of the recording, become aware of the surface beneath you, give your fingers and toes a wiggle, have a stretch and open your eyes. Gently ease yourself into the normal activities of your day.


This relaxing sound meditation was created with a heartfelt intention to encourage a deep state of rest. The singing bowls and gong are the same that I use in sound healing treatments to promote harmony, balance and alignment. I have collected these instruments over years of practice as they work well together, being harmonically related and in tune with what is called the OM frequency. This is derived from the frequency of one earth year, that is, the frequency of the Earth orbiting the Sun. In this way the sound encourages coherence throughout our entire being as we become absorbed in harmony and come to rest on our home, our planet. 


© Alistair Smith 2021. Please note that this recording is for personal use only. Many thanks and warmest wishes to you. 

Coherent Relaxation


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